Proof of Class: The Minor Groove Binder

New Class and New Mechanism of Action

MGB Biopharma’s focus is to further develop their completely new class of anti-infective medicine, starting with antibiotics based on Minor Groove Binder (MGBs) compounds.

The Company’s experienced management team have dedicated their initial focus to the development of a new class of small molecules, with specific antibacterial activity against susceptible and resistant bacteria. In providing a new class of drug to the field of antibacterial resistance, based on a truly novel mechanism of action, MGB Biopharma are unique, in that a truly new class and novel MoA was last seen in the year 2000.

There are many drugs used to treat bacterial infections, and generally they belong to classes which have been in use for several decades. Due to the rise in resistant strains of bacteria, several of these drugs are becoming less and less effective.

The Company’s progress has been rapid, and our lead drug candidate, MGB-BP-3, has recently initiated a Phase IIa clinical proof of concept study, offering a new paradigm in the treatment of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (CDAD). MGB-BP-3 is just the first in our new exciting class of anti-infectives. 

MGB Biopharma commenced operations in 2010, and is funded by a syndicate of some of Scotland’s leading business angels, in co-operation with Scottish Enterprise.

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MGB-Biopharma in the News:

BBC Scotland reports on MGB Biopharma’s research, specifically our lead candidate, MGB-BP-3, and the recently initated Phase IIa study, assessing treatment of CDAD in patients for the first time. 

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