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Dr Miroslav Ravic MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Science Officer & Chief Medical Officer

Dr Ravic has 30 years of experience covering clinical practice, medical science and drug development of biologics and small molecules. He has a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology from London University, an MD, and an MSc in Experimental Pharmacology with specialisation in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Belgrade.

He has authored and presented numerous scientific papers. His previous posts include senior development positions at Boehringer Ingelheim, Eisai Europe and Antisoma in London. Dr Ravic has completed around 100 clinical trials and specialises in bridging the transition from preclinical to clinical development, having created a proven methodology for increasing speed and reducing costs to achieve proof of concept.

Mr Raymond Spencer ACA

Chief Financial Officer

Raymond Spencer has over 25 years experience as a senior financial officer in biotech. For 12 years he was the CFO of LSE listed Antisoma plc. Whilst at Antisoma he was instrumental in completing the IPO in 1998, and in several fund-raising rounds, totalling over £100 million, as well as the acquisition of two private biotech companies. He was also instrumental in the closing of three licensing deals with big pharma.

Mr Chris Wardhaugh

Chief Business Officer

Chris Wardhaugh has almost three decades in life sciences, working in commerciaisation and dealmaking across therapeutic, device and service sectors. His passion is to translate scientific innovation into commercial success and has worked with a number of spin out companies to achieve that goal.


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